Equipment & Supplies

We pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture and source the highest quality gear on the market.

Highest Quality Professional Gear

Our goal is to bring our clients the highest quality gear, equipment, supplies and products available – especially those for the AR-15/M16 system.  We are not driven by price points. Quality and integrity are the only two things that matter to us.

We support our troops and our country. Most of our stock is quality Veteran and American made products. Many of those products themselves are made from American sourced materials.

Our recommendations are based on real world application, not theory, direct actionable feedback from professional use eliminates waste, the waste of countless containers in your gear locker that go unused

Our guiding principle is simple: 80/20 your equipment needs to fit the mission for 80% of the time, the other 20% can be worked out on the job, by keeping the critical need capability in mind your equipment simplifies itself and lends to complimentary usage not complications. Equipment should be intuitive not thought provoking.

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