Silencers &
NFA Registration

Whether you are in the market for a silencer or need help navigating the ATF registration process, MOA will meet your needs.

Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk

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Developed for your convenience and out of the realization that this technology provides a great opportunity to streamline the painstaking suppressor ownership process, we are thrilled to offer this progressive option to our clients. After we have helped you select and purchase your silencer, using our S.I.D. Kiosk will ensure that your transaction is completed as efficiently as possible and that your required registration information is in order.

In addition to simplifying the ownership aspect of suppressors, our kiosk offers the convenience of a one-and-done registration process. By utilizing this software, you’ll never need to provide fingerprints again because the unit immediately saves all of your information! (This applies to each trustee, as well.) To that end, swiping your driver’s license during subsequent visits will instantly recall your registration data, which will immediately auto-fill the screen.

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Not All Silencers Are Equal

The demands of the professional user and advanced civilian shooter require the advice of experience, our job is to give you the best options to fit the 80/20 philosophy that is integrated into all we do. With new technology in the world of sound suppression not all suppressors are designed to take the repeated abuse that you will dish out. Let us guide you through that based on 30 plus years of experience with sound suppression, a lot has changed mostly for the better but not always. Our other responsibility is to ensure that your weapon system is correctly set-up to handle the inherent stress factors that sound suppressors can inflict on the weapon.