Impact Weapons Comp HK Style Sling Mount


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TM HK STYLE SLING MOUNT-N-SLOT – Designed for HK or M.A.S.H. TYPE Slings. Made by Impact Weapons Components in Colorado:

Directly Attaches to: A2/M4 Round Hand Guards.

TM (TOP MOUNT) HK STYLE SLING MOUNT-N-SLOT unique design allows the operator to attach the MOUNT-N-SLOT directly to the top or bottom holes or slots on the hand guard.

Specifically engineered to act as the interface between an HK or M.A.S.H. TYPE HOOK SLING SYSTEM and your weapon.

SPEND LESS MONEY: Compare to $50.00 or more for a Sling Mount + a Rail Section + Shipping Charges

DIRECT attach design eliminates the need for 2 separate mounts; 1- A Sling Mount and 2 – A Picatinny MIL-Spec 1913 Bolt-on Rail Section.

Ergonomic, DIRECT attach design eliminates all sharp edges which can ensnarl the operators gear

85% increase in usable hand guard grip area by eliminating the Picatinny MIL-Spec 1913 Bolt-on Rail Section.

50% lower profile than a separate Mount and Picatinny MIL-Spec 1913 Bolt-on Rail Section.

Ultra-lightweight MOUNT-N-SLOT design weighs only .50 ounces. Over 88% less than a separate Sling Mount and Picatinny MIL-Spec 1913 Bolt-on Rail Section.

At least 3 parts are eliminated from your firearm.

Micro-Adjustable mounting allows the operator to mount anywhere through any SLOT or HOLE on the top or bottom of the firearm hand guard.

CNC Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Hard anodized Type III matte finish per MIL-A-8625F.

Easily installation and simple to follow instructions, using the Hex Key and 10/32 Flat Head Cap Screws and 10/32 Backing Plates and tools supplied with each TM HK STYLE SLING MOUNT-N-SLOT.

NO GUNSMITHING – Mounting does not require alteration of firearm hand guard heat shields.

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. PERIOD. Return for full refund including your shipping charges.

MADE IN USA; Including Materials, Tool and Packaging.