Firearms Manufacturing
& Armory

We manufacture and service duty weapons for professionals.

to Craftsmanship

With a simple philosophy we bring together a system greater than the sum of its total, an eye on our responsibility to that total allows us to be fluid with change, change based on real feedback from true professionals that work and serve tirelessly to protect our homeland and way of life.

Olms Law: Resistance to the use of inferior components.

We choose to partner with the best our industry has to offer, our contracted components are made from American materials, in America, and when there is a choice, from a veteran owned company like ourselves, in a world of compromise we choose not to sacrifice quality or reliability to save a few pennies. With the exception of optics, all of our parts and accessories are 100% USA made.

We utilize proven techniques of manufacturing, design and final assembly to ensure the utmost in accuracy and reliability, every single firearm we manufacture gets tested, and tested thoroughly before it ever goes to the hands of the recipient, that means you get a multiple magazine fired gun, or a bolt action system that has had complete vetting for accuracy and function.

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